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EEStor Technology

  • EEStor has developed and patented a lead free relaxor-paraelectric dielectric with very little remnant polarization.
  • US7033406 2006-04- 25 Electrical energy storage unit (EESU) utilizing ceramic and integrated circuit technologies for replacement of electrochemical batteries
  • More energy is recoverable for each charge discharge cycle
  • When embedded in a polymer matrix the dielectric behaves linearly
  • There is no dielectric fatigue so parts have no degradation on cycling
  • Barium titanate based relaxors are known to be electrocaloric, EEStor’s material exhibits electrocaloric cooling and solid state cooling technology is an expected market once this aspect of the technology is characterized. (1 million cycle test to 3000V showed part cooler than surrounding environment)
  • Broad temperature stability for wide array of applications

Unique product performance

High Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

(Grid Support and Stabilization)

  • EEStor’s performance advantages high voltage per layer/small footprint and low amortized cost
  • Market of $1.9 billion with a estimated growth 5.0% per year, Dennis Zogbi (Paurnanok).
Electrochemical Capacitor Market

(Grid Storage, Automotive, UPS, Railway Wayside, Pulse Power)

  • EEStor’s performance advantages: high voltage per layer/small footprint, high power, flexible, temperature stable and low amortized cost
  • Electrochemical Capacitor Market market to reach USD 2.18 Billion by 2022, CAGR of 20.7% ( 53.html, November 2016)
High voltage High Dielectric constant Capacitive Applications

(De-coupling, Filters, Defibrillators, Inverters)

  • EEStor’s performance advantages: high voltage per layer/small footprint, high power, flexible, temperature stable, low amortized cost, non toxic
  • (8 billion market in 2016*, expected to grow to $19.8 billion by 2025.).



EEStor’s dielectric is a lead-free relaxor with high energy storage capability, high cyclic and thermal stability and depth of discharge . These features give EEStor’s dielectric a huge advantage over electro-chemical batteries and ferroelectric capacitors. Both batteries and ferroelectric capacitors wear out with use EEStor’s dielectric performance does not degrade no matter the number of cycles, the depth of discharge or time

Capacitors made with EEStor’s dielectric charge up at electronic speeds, unlike batteries which are limited to reaction speeds of their internal chemistry. This is very important for energy regeneration applications and pulse power applications

Broad temperature stability for wide array of applications

EEStor’s surface modified Composition Modified Barium Titanate (CMBT) blends well with a variety of polymer matrices, resulting in ultra-high energy density polymer capacitors that are:

  • solution processable at room temperature
  • flexible and resist shock and cracking (a primary failure mechanism of current MLCC capacitors)
  • can be stacked to increase capacitance without increasing leakage through EEStor’s proprietary stacking methodology making a scalable permanent solution for grid storage applications EEStor capacitors are electrocaloric: a property of EEStor’s relaxor dielectric that allows

EEStor capacitors to be used for solid state cooling applications. EEStor’s dielectric does not produce heat on cycling under normal use, unlike other capacitors. (Based on EEStor’s 1 million cycle test during which the temperature of EEStor’s capacitor was cooler than the ambient test chamber temperature during the 30-day/3000VDC. test cycle)

High Capacitance at High Voltage of a single layer results in a device that can be stacked in parallel, resulting in a significant savings in volume and material costs for same capacitance value as opposed to a conventional capacitor

Advanced Polymer Program

  • On January 12, 2017 EEStor announced the hiring of Advanced Polymer Chemist, Dr. Abhijit Paul to lead its advanced polymer program
  • Dr. Paul’s team has exploited EEStor’s CMBT and many different methodologies to create lines of capacitors with various operational parameters showing the flexibility and customizability of the dielectric.
  • Top current polymer formulations optimized show 3x higher energy density for EEStor ‘s formulation than comparable published results for other lead free paraelectric relaxor capacitors on the market.
  • Future polymer work will be focused on improving current formulations and exploring other already identified promising materials and methods to enhance performance
  • In concert with the internal polymer efforts ASG is contracted to provide custom polymers
  • ASG has provided custom polymers that are currently undergoing testing with EEStor’s leading proprietary CMBT dielectric


  • Barite and all other components are non toxic in production, use and disposal
    No safety issue or toxicity issues during production or use
  • No corrosive or explosive materials or hazards: both batteries and capacitors suffer from corrosive and
    toxic fluids and materials, some such as lithium ion are prone to fire safety issues
  • No disposal issues since no toxic material there nothing harmful to leach out

EEStor’s long life make it a durable good, ferroelectric and electrolytic capacitors as well as batteries will have short lifetimes and will need to be replaced several times to match the expected lifetime of EEStor capacitors

Glass Program

In May of 2017 EEStor began a glass program to develop very high K, high insulation resistance relaxor dielectrics for use in energy storage and high capacitance applications where the aforementioned benefits of EEStor’s relaxor dielectric could be utilized.

EEStor’s Glass program has produced many successful capacitor layers with a variety of inorganic binders. These various formulations have differing properties and confirm EEStor’s ability to design capacitors using its unique dielectrics to tailored specifications for differing markets.

Planned future glass work (using MLCC manufacturing techniques) is expected to confirm the flexibility and customizability of the dielectric and to broaden addressable markets considerably.

Large & Growing Markets

$2.8 billion
per year today: High Voltage Capacitors
$4.7 billion
Per year today: Microprocessor cooling. At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.0%, from 2017 to 2022
$8 billion
per year: Short Duration grid storage and other control systems
$250 billion
per year grid storage by 2040
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