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21 St Clair Avenue East
Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario M4T 1L9
T: (416) 535-8395
F: (416) 535-4043

Jessica Thompson
Executive Administrator

Paul Mesburis

715 Discovery Park Boulevard
Suite 107
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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The Board of Directors and management of EEStor Corp. have long recognized the importance of corporate governance practices that help ensure an environment of effective oversight and strong accountability.

Governance Documents & Policies

From our Bylaws to the Board of Directors’ committee charters, these documetns, and policies provide a structure for timely, well-reasoned decisions.

  1. Code of Business Conduct
  2. Board of Directors Charter
  3. Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee Charter
  4. Audit Committee Charter

Shareholders may communicate directly with the independent directors through the Co-Chairmen of the Board, by writing to:

Mr. Paul Mesburis or Mr. Michael Michalyshyn
Co-Chairmen of the Board
EEStor Corp.
21 St Clair Avenue East
Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario M4T 1L9

Or you may send an e-mail to: [] for Mr. Michalyshyn, or for Mr. Mesburis.