Our Mission
Fuel Positive Corporation’s (the “Company”) mission is to be the provider of leading-edge sustainable energy storage, fuel and related technologies. The Company operates on the principle and belief that a fundamental breakthrough in how we create and utilize energy will be the catalyst for positive environmental and economic change globally. The Company’s current business strategy is focused on licensing, partnership and acquisition opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries and applications building on its various technology achievements.
Our History

The Company was founded as ZENN Motor Company by Mr. Ian Clifford in late 2000.

In the late 90’s, Mr. Clifford was sitting in traffic one day, breathing in toxic fumes and thought “there must be a better way…”

After selling digIT Interactive Inc., a digital marketing company, in early 2000, Ian was ready for a new venture, one founded on a philosophy of capital growth tied to social and environmental responsibility. The timing was right in Toronto. Year-round smog alerts had become the norm, gasoline prices were rising and global warming was morphing from an alarmist's issue to one of mainstream concern.

The company developed the ZENN Low Speed Vehicle (LSV). A low-speed vehicle is a category of zero-emission vehicle in the United States and Canada that has a governed top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) and kept to roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph (60 km/h) or less. The Company began marketing the ZENN in United States in late 2006 and sold over 600 vehicles throughout the United States and Quebec, Canada. The Company ceased production of the ZENN LSV in April 2010 to focus entirely on its interest in EEStor.

The ecological imperative that motivated Mr. Clifford and the vision he initiated led to the Company investing in EEStor Inc., a private corporation operating in Cedar Park, Texas. ZENN formally changed its name to EEStor Corporation to reflect its current investment and operating control of EEStor Inc.

Executive Team

Ian Clifford

Executive and Board Member
Founder and CEO, EEStor Corp.

Gregory Gooch

Board Member

Jing Peng

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Robert M. Tocchio

Board Member

Marek Warunkiewicz

Board Member
Meet the team
We are a determined organization of full time passionate individuals. Every member of our team is focused, independent minded, and driven to make a positive change in the world.
Bryan Kelly
Production Consultant
Dr. Abhijit Paul
Research and Development Consultant
Kevin Greenly
Technology Consultant

The Board of Directors and management of EEStor Corp. have long recognized the importance of corporate governance practices that help ensure an environment of effective oversight and strong accountability.

Governance Documents & Policies

From our Bylaws to the Board of Directors’ committee charters, these documents, and policies provide a structure for timely, well-reasoned decisions.

  1. Code of Business Conduct
  2. Board of Directors Charter
  3. Corporate Governance and Compensation Committee Charter
  4. Audit Committee Charter

Shareholders may communicate directly with the independent directors by writing to:
Dr. Robert M. Tocchio
EEStor Corp.
82 Richmond Street East East
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1P1

Or you may send an e-mail to Dr. Tocchio at auditchair@eestorcorp.com.